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MBA in Ukraine

Business education is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine. It is evidenced by increasing of top management’s interest to MBA programs as well as by successful development of Ukrainian business schools. As experts notice business education market had been forming since 1998.

Now in Ukraine there are more than 20 educational institutions that offer MBA programs, and their quantity is still increasing. The most active players among Ukrainian business school (with good scientific basis, strong academic staff, and solid reputation) are Kyiv Mohyla Business School (KMBS), Kyiv Business School (KBS), Lviv Institute of Management (LIM), International Institute of Business (IIB), International management Institute (MIM-Kyiv), KIBIT Business School (KIBIT).

Native business schools usually offer next types of programs:

• General MBA for professionals who plan to work in Ukraine;
• Executive MBA for top managers and managing owners;
• International MBA for managers of Ukrainian offices of international corporations and those who plan to continue his career abroad;
• mini-MBA is the MBA course based on fast education concept. After graduating this program a person gets only certificate of successful graduating but not diploma. The main principle of such an education is to give students new knowledge and understanding of business tendencies for short period of time (approximately 9 months).

Experts forecast that in future Ukrainian business education market will develop in specialized MBA programs direction, for example MBA in the sphere of realty management, hotel business etc.

One of the main differences between native and foreign (western) MBA is teaching format. As representatives of Ukrainian business schools say a lot of Ukrainian managers are not ready to leave the country for 2 years to get degree. Fast career growth that is possible in Ukrainian companies takes away decision to refuse work to education. Considering this a lot of business schools offer evening and modular format of education. But for grave foreign business school evening of modular format of education is nonsense, there you will study on full-time program for 1-2 years. Ukrainian MBA programs are concentrated mainly on particularities of business and management in Ukraine. For example, 2/3 of all situation practice is based on real conditions of Ukrainian companies. And involving into international business life is the result of teachers from foreign schools attraction and probation in foreign companies. Moreover studying in Ukraine is much cheaper, between $5000 and $20000 for all the course.

Prices for business education in some Ukrainian business schools (according to schools’ data)

Business School 

Program Name

Cost of the Program (in 2006-2007)

Cost of the Program (in 2007-2008)

International Institute of Business

Executive MBA*

$14 000

$17 000

International MBA*


$14 000

Kyiv Mohyla Business School

Executive MBA kmbs

15 500 Euro

15 500 Euro

Президентская МВА kmbs

20 000 Euro

20 000 Euro

International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv)

Senior Executive

$17 500

$ 21 000

General MBA

$14 000

$17 000




Lviv Institute of Management (LIMBS)

General MBA



Kyiv Business School

General MBA



Institute of Business Relations (IBR)

International MBA

10 750 Euro

11 500 Euro



2600 Euro

3000 Euro

* -Programs accredited by AMBA.

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