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Бизнес-кейсы на любой вскус. Несколько примеров кейсов из разных областей

Собираетесь поступать в бизнес-школу? Или же на работу в крупную консалтинговую компанию? Возможно, Вам просто нужно решение сложившейся ситуации у Вас в компании? Тогда Вам непременно необходмо поупражнятся в решении бизнес-кейсов. Уверенны, Вы почерпнете много нового - ведь данной технологии обучения менеджеров уже около 100 лет.

Name: Michelle Mone and MJM International

Case Study Abstract: This case details the start-up and growth of MJM International a manufacturing business selling female lingerie. Michelle Mone started the business in November 1996 with the redundancy money from her previous employment as a sales and marketing manager for Labatts Brewery in Glasgow. When she started MJM, with her husband, Michelle was only 24 years old. The breakthrough for MJM International was the 1999 launch, in the UK, of the Ultimo a unique gel filled bra that has taken three years of research and development. From a turnover of Ј300,000 in year end April 1999, the projected revenue for the business in 2000 was Ј2 million.

MJM International is further developing the Ultimo range with the launch of a number of related products including a swimwear collection, seamfree lingerie and a Plunge bra. With the opening of new enlarged premises in Glasgow, to accommodate the anticipated rapid growth of the business, Michelle Mone aims to develop a major new business located in Scotland based around the Ultimo brand name. Despite all of this, the sales growth of the business has not met expectations and several cash crises have occurred. Students should be asked to review the business model and the role of Michelle Mone.

Name: Chic McSherry and Prosys

Case Study Abstract: Prosys Business Solutions is a small Scottish based business software company founded in 1988 by Chic McSherry an IT salesman. The business grew to 22 employees by 2001. Along with most of their immediate competitors in the IT sector Prosys was badly hit by the September 11th incident and by the general downturn in business post this event. McSherry had to take action to cut back the business in order to survive.

The case study tells the story of the development of the business and the actions taken by McSherry. Moving on from this situation, the company now has three main elements of business; as a business software developer, a reseller of other business software, and as a service call centre for business clients with IT problems. Now in 2003, McSherry and his colleagues have to decide carefully which parts of the business should receive the investment needed to keep the business profitable. This decision needs to be taken in the context of a very uncertain business climate. The case outlines the present case for and against each option.

Name: Stephen Ritchie and the Enrich Group

Case Study Abstract: This case study examines the critical decisions that Stephen Ritchie, the young founder of Enrich Group Limited, is taking in order to develop a “world class" company. It documents Stephen’s entrepreneurial background and examines the various businesses he has started and decisions he has taken that have led to the formation of the Enrich Group. It also examines the strategic decisions that he currently faces as he repositions his company to take advantage of changing technologies, personal circumstances and network opportunities. The case study allows students to decide whether or not Stephen can make a success of this new business venture.

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