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MBA (Master of Business Administration) – квалификационная степень в менеджменте (управлении). Зачастую аббревиатура используется для обозначения не степени, а самих программ обучения для получения степени. Квалификация MBA подразумевает способность выполнять работу руководителя среднего и высшего звена. Обычно период обучения по программе MBA занимает от одного до двух лет. Степень МВА, полученная в одной из топ бизнес-школ мира, – это «ключ» к карьере топ-менеджера в известнейших мировых корпорациях и возможность полностью раскрыть свой потенциал как менеджера! Подробнее >>

Транскрипт чата с представителем MIP Politecnico di Milano Business School

16 декабря на сайте MBA Strategy прошел on-line чат с главой приемной комиссии MIP Politecnico di Milano Business School Анной Бачигалупи (Anna Bacigalupi). Спикеры чата обсуждали особенности поступления в MIP. Анна Бачигалупи рассказала о преимуществах бизнес-школы, о сотрудничестве с ведущими компаниями мира и ответила на другие вопросы участников чата. Подробнее обо всем читайте в данной статье-транскрипте.


17:58 [Snitko] Dear all! Thank you for joining our chat! Hope this conversation would be useful for you.
17:59 [Snitko] In order to make our conversation more efficient let`s follow some rules
18:00 [Snitko] 1. You are not allowed to interrupt each other. 2. Answer your question only after the speaker will answer the previous 3. Off-topic posts are not allowed as well.
18:02 [Snitko] So the topic of our conversation is MBA Program in MIP Politecnico di Milano, advanteges of studying, ways of financing etc.
18:03 [Snitko] I would like to introduce you featured speaker of the chat: Anna Bacigulapi, MBA Marketing & Admissions Officer
18:04 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Hello Everybody
18:04 [vseznayka] Good evening, Anna! Nice to meet you here! I guess my question will be the first one. I`d like to know whether your full-time MBA program specialization, except GM.
18:05 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Yes we do have specializations: Design and Luxury Management, Finance, New Product and Venture Development, International Business
18:07 [vseznayka] About Luxury Management, is it possible to apply for the program if I`m recent graduate student, though had an internship in Luxury company and plan to develop relevant business?
18:08 [Anna.Bacigalupi] You actually apply to the MBA program and only during the program you make your choice in terms of specialization.
18:09 [vseznayka] Yeah, that`s clear to me about electives and core. I`m just curious how effient it`ll turn out to me for me in comparison with MSc in luxury, that` the point...
18:10 [Anna.Bacigalupi] well there is a BIG difference between a MSc and an MBA
18:11 [vseznayka] Hm, that`s GR8. One more Qstn. If my GMAT is around 500, but I was an "A" student at University. Does it make any sense to admission committee?
18:11 [Anna.Bacigalupi] MBA gives you a 360° perspective of business besides Luxury or any other specialization, a Master in Luxury is very specific and focus on only one subject
18:11 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Yes it may make sense
18:13 [vseznayka] Finally a comprehensive explanation of the difference, cause examining curriculums I found least difference in overall description.
18:13 [Anna.Bacigalupi] sorry i didn`t get your question, vseznayka
18:14 [Anna.Bacigalupi] or t was an affirmation
18:07 [AnnaSM] Hello! Anna, could you at least briefly describe MIP Politecnico di Milano. How old is school, why to choose the school, scholarships, requirements, average age of students
18:06 [Anna.Bacigalupi] The core curriculum lasts 8 months and the specialization part 3 months
18:08 [Anna.Bacigalupi] The way we evaluate our candidates is based on the CV, GMAT and interview, so working experience is important but if you don`t have much of it you can work on other strengths of your profile.

18:09 [Steland] Do you offer scholarships and loans to students from CIS countries?
18:12 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Steland: we do offer scholarships, need based and merit based
18:15 [Snitko] Anna, could you write more about the requirements for scholarship?
18:15 [Anna.Bacigalupi] yes
18:15 [Anna.Bacigalupi] 40% of the evaluation is based on CV (working experience, English knowledge, Academic background), a 30% to GMAT and 30% to motivational interview
 18:17 [Anna.Bacigalupi] according to these requirements we make ranking and give out eventually contributions
18:17 [AnnaSM] what are required scores for GMAT and TOEFL?
18:17 [Anna.Bacigalupi] The average GMAT of the current class is 620
18:17 [Anna.Bacigalupi] TOEFL the minimum is 100 ibt but if it`s a bit lower we test the English knowledge during the interview
18:18 [AnnaSM] How old is MBA program at the University?
18:18 [Anna.Bacigalupi] The Italian one was born in 1979. The International one 8 years ago. Now we have only the International Class for the Full Time MBA.
18:19 [AnnaSM] What is average age of students?
18:19 [Anna.Bacigalupi] 29
18:19 [Anna.Bacigalupi] It`s a wide range actually, from 24 to 35 years old
18:20 [Anna.Bacigalupi] We do not have special loans for CIS students. We have special rates for all our students, but it`s upon discretion of the bank
18:20 [Anna.Bacigalupi] no prob
18:20 [AnnaSM] What are main points discussed on the interview?
18:21 [Anna.Bacigalupi] It`s a motivational interview: we want to understand basically the expectations of the candidate and understand if the candidate suits our program as well as if our program meets the expectations of the student
18:22 [AnnaSM] And what are the expectations?
18:22 [Anna.Bacigalupi] It`s up to you
18:22 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Each candidate has different expectations
18:22 [AnnaSM] expectations of University from student
18:23 [Anna.Bacigalupi] We want our students to be aware they are not going to do a normal University Master, but a very intense and tough program. They will have to respect people around, inside and outside the class. Be positive and complaints have always to be of stimulus to improve
18:24 [AnnaSM] Can we discuss the price of programs? does it differs for specialization?
18:24 [Anna.Bacigalupi] No it`s always 26000€
18:24 [AnnaSM] per year?
18:25 [Anna.Bacigalupi] the whole program (14 month). It includes ALL didactic material and books as well as the Italian language course
18:25 [AnnaSM] incl. living and all admission fees?
18:25 [AnnaSM] or it is separate?
18:26 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Living expenses are not included. Application fee is free of charge
18:26 [AnnaSM] and what about living? approximate costs?
18:26 [Anna.Bacigalupi] I would say from 800€ to 1200€ per month
18:27 [AnnaSM] all right. give chance to someone else to ask question
18:27 [Anna.Bacigalupi] it depends on your habits and accommodation choices
18:27 [Anna.Bacigalupi] ok go ahead, any further question?
18:28 [AnnaSM] from me - yes. does University help to find accommodation?
18:28 [AnnaSM] and to clarify - we are talking about full-time on-side MBA?
18:29 [Anna.Bacigalupi] we support students to find apartment together. Since the student confirms the participation we put him/her in touch with the future classmates and we submit apartments offer
18:29 [Anna.Bacigalupi] YES Full Time MBA on campus
18:30 [Mesha] Could You tell about career opportunities students have after getting MBA in MIP?
18:30 [Anna.Bacigalupi] In which terms?
18:31 [Mesha] in short and long terms. thanx
18:32 [Anna.Bacigalupi] We do support students in finding a job right after the MBA of course
18:32 [Anna.Bacigalupi] naturally it also depends on the student to be bright enough to be accepted in the interviews
18:33 [Anna.Bacigalupi] What Politecnico is the only one so far in Italy is the possibility to convert your STUDY VISA into working VISA if you accept a job offer in Italy, since our University is recognized by the Government
18:34 [AnnaSM] May be you can give us examples of brilliant employment of students after completing MIP MBA?
18:35 [Anna.Bacigalupi] yes we have plenty of them
18:36 [Anna.Bacigalupi] we have Hayin from China, she had her Project Work in Ferrari and she was then untitled to open the new branch in Shanghai
18:37 [Anna.Bacigalupi] we had last year Oscar from Poland and Italy, he started with Bain & Company and now he`s changed and working for LVMH
18:37 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Juan Diego, PPW in P&G Italy, now working for them in Colombia
18:37 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Anthony from Australia, working in World Bank in the states
18:37 [Anna.Bacigalupi] and so on and so forth
18:38 [Anna.Bacigalupi] you can give a look on our website
18:39 [AnnaSM] could you provide a link?
18:40 [Anna.Bacigalupi]
18:36 [Steland » Anna.Bacigalupi] And could you tell what company you are cooperating with? If such exists.
18:41 [Anna.Bacigalupi] too many companies, but working in all the fields
18:42 [Anna.Bacigalupi] you can look into our MBA brochure, by downloading it on the website
18:43 [Snitko] Anna, could you tell about such part of MBA Program as Project Work. I`m sure that would be interesting for chat participants.
18:44 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Sure
18:44 [Anna.Bacigalupi] The project Work is the final part of the MBA program, more in specific the last 3 months to carry out a project in a company. The student is asked to carry out a project in a company
18:45 [Anna.Bacigalupi] it lasts 3 months and it`s a real project to be develop and solved by the student
18:45 [Anna.Bacigalupi] it`s not a normal internship, since there`s a specific selection beforehand
18:46 [Anna.Bacigalupi] It`s a full time experience and it brings a lot to the student`s CVщ

18:47 [Taras155] Could you give some examples?
18:48 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Some of them have been already mentioned before.
18:48 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Some other share in the link I sent to you
18:48 [Anna.Bacigalupi]
18:50 [Anna.Bacigalupi] You will be supported by a tutor from the University and a tutor from the company
18:49 [Taras155] Ok thanks.
18:50 [Taras155] And I would like to ask about admission process. Do you have any specific requrements?
18:51 [Anna.Bacigalupi] •Application form •University degree or equivalent from an accredited institution •Official university transcripts •Good GMAT score * (MIP school code 7455)•Certificate of English Proficiency. We accept TOEFL, IELTS, Toiec, Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (C1) or Certificate of Profiency in English (C2) (MIP school code 7455)•2 letters of reference•Curriculum vitae
18:53 [Steland » Anna.Bacigalupi] and what about essay questions?
18:53 [Anna.Bacigalupi] we do not require essay
18:53 [Anna.Bacigalupi] the questions we need are inside the application form

18:55 [Steland » Anna.Bacigalupi] Anna you told about specific selection before Project Work? What do you mean?
18:56 [Anna.Bacigalupi] as said they are specific projects so they ask for specific profiles. We try to match the demand of the Company with the preferences of the students, though it`s not always possible
18:58 [Anna.Bacigalupi] There are also other moments when the student will be in touch with the companies though
18:58 [Snitko] So the time of chat is over now!
18:58 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Ok any other questions?
18:59 [Snitko] Anna to summarize up could you write for our participants the main reasons to enter the MIP Politecnico di Milano?
19:00 [Anna.Bacigalupi] First of all we just entered the European FT Rankings for the first time. Our Business School is growing a lot and this implies a strong commitment from the staff and the faculty to be as most competitive as possible.
19:00 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Secondly, we are ranked as first business school in Italy for students quality and company network, and the strong engineering tradition allow us to teach to our MBA students how problems have to be solved in an analytical way
19:01 [Anna.Bacigalupi] so that they will be able to face any problem in their working lives
19:01 [Anna.Bacigalupi] independently from the job role or the field they will work in
19:02 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Then the tuition fee is very good considering that book (very expensive) are included and they will also have the chance to learn Italian
19:03 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Milan is the best location in Italy where to study an MBA and last but not least the small classroom size and the internationality of the class play a key role in our program
19:03 [Snitko] Anna, thank you very much for your answers and for your time!
19:04 [Anna.Bacigalupi] You all are welcome, if you need any further help please write to me
19:04 [Snitko] Dear participants! Thank you all for your questions and interest to MIP Politecnico di Milano.
19:04 [Snitko] Have a good evening!
19:05 [Anna.Bacigalupi] Goodbye


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