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MBA (Master of Business Administration) – квалификационная степень в менеджменте (управлении). Зачастую аббревиатура используется для обозначения не степени, а самих программ обучения для получения степени. Квалификация MBA подразумевает способность выполнять работу руководителя среднего и высшего звена. Обычно период обучения по программе MBA занимает от одного до двух лет. Степень МВА, полученная в одной из топ бизнес-школ мира, – это «ключ» к карьере топ-менеджера в известнейших мировых корпорациях и возможность полностью раскрыть свой потенциал как менеджера! Подробнее >>

Транскрипт чата с представителем бизнес-школы Reims Management School

13 апреля на сайте MBA Strategy прошел on-line чат с представителем голландской бизнес-школы Reims Management School. Участники чата имели возможность узнать все про МВА в нидерландах из уст уважаемого спикера. Подробнее обо всем читайте в данной статье-транскрипте. 


 16:56 [Snitko] Thank you for everybody who join our chat!
 16:57 [Snitko] We will start in a few minutes! Prepare your questions!
 17:02 [Snitko] So today we have opportunities to chat with representative from Reims Management School!

 17:03 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] hello everyone welcome to join on line chat with RMS
 17:04 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] Reims Management School is created in 1928 and has obtained 3 accreditations: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. RMS is ranked among the top 30 in Europe and is one of the top 6 French business school
 17:06 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] School is located in the north east of Paris and is only 45 minutes away from Paris by train. RMS is famous in various fields: finance, marketing, management, strategy and luxury field.
 17:08 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] I would introduce you about Reims MBA and Master Programs taught in English. If you are interested in French instructed programs, please email me later on
 17:10 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] MBA program: accredited by AMBA and around 35 students in a class. Int`l students accounts over 82% and we have the 1st graduate from Ukraine. This graduate is working in France. The admission requirements: min 3 years working ex, a bachelor degree holder and a GMAT score. Students’ profile: average 7 years working ex, and the average age 31 years old. The MBA participants are coming from 4 continents in the world.

 17:12 [asdmarina] Is it possible to get a scholarship?
 17:12 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] we provide the scholarship for int`l applicants in this program as well as master programs: MSc in Finance and Commercial Banking
 17:12 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] Any questions about MBA?

 17:11 [Dmutruk] Hsin, hi! I’m interested in management program, but I’m not sure what exactly for me MBA or Master`s? I have 2 year experience and bachelor degree.
 17:13 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] You have 2 yrs ex and how many months?
 17:15 [Dmutruk] 2 years and 2 months (is this really important  ? )
 17:17 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] our MBA is accredited by AMBA and we can take the candidates with min 3 yrs working ex. If you have the additional internship ex, we can study your case.
17:23 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] But you can try master programs: whether master in Finance or master in management where the working ex is not required and will be adapted to your profile

 17:13 [asdmarina] about scholarship) what is required?
 17:14 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] the application file has to be accepted by the jury committee first, the applicant is qualified to apply the scholarship
 17:15 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] the past 2 years revenues and GMAT score are required and the scholarship application form are the requirements for the application.
17:18 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] the 2nd rounds scholarship application deadline is in June 2010. Hurry up

 17:14 [Andrew]  Dear Ms. Turmel, does your school cooperate with any American b-school? - I mean any exchange programs or practical periods.
 17:16 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] We do have exchange programme with USA, UK, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Taiwan and China
 17:17 [Andrew] Could you specify any renowned schools where I could get an elective? - is there such an opportunity?
 17:18 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] electives programs from MBA or Reims MS are available in 2nd semester

 17:18 [Snitko] Hsin-mei, sorry for interruption. I have one offer to everybody: let`s ask questions after previous question`s reply!

 17:18 [artem.pylypchuk] Hello Hsin! Do you accept students with enough years of working experience but with an unfinished bachelor degree? Any special requirements on them?
 17:19 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] Yes, we do have graduates with solid working ex but without a bachelor degree
 17:20 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] to apply, Artem you will have to prepare the required application documents: GMAT, 2 recommendations letters, CV, academic records, APPLICATION FEE AND the diploma of last study

 17:22 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] I will move to the master in Finance and Commercial Banking. After 20 min, I will open for Q& A.
 17:24 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] MSc in Finance and Commercial Banking: courses instructed in English, over 89% of int`l participants with around 27 years old. This program covers 2 parts: finance and commercial banking. All the courses offered for Finance are compliant with CFA level 1. The lectures involved in commercial banking are senior and experienced professionals
 17:25 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] RMS does have 1 student pass CFA level 3
 17:27 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] if you have a tight schedule: we do also provide certificate programs in Finance and certificate programs in commercial banking. Each certificate programs will last for 3 to 4 months and is very suitable for the professionals
 17:28 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] RMS is one of CFA partners and our alumni working in the major auditing and financial institutions in the world.
 17:29 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] Of courses a couple of scholarships are available for this master programs. There are 2 rounds of grant committees: the end of April and June.
 17:30 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] if you are interested in applying: prepare the master programs application form and a copy of bachelor degree and fluent in English
17:32 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] We also have another master programs named UNIVERSA. This is a consortium of 6 French business schools recruiting the int`l students together. Details of universa
17:29 [Steland] Can you please specify schools with which you cooperate concerning student exchange programs
 17:31 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] we are in cooperation with over 130 schools in the world. It depends on which programs that you are interested in
17:32 [Steland] What about full-time MBA program? What schools do you cooperate with within the framework of this program?
 17:33 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] about full time MBA: UK: Nottingham; USA: Florida Int`l university, Farleigh Dickson; China: Tsing Hwa uNIVERSIT, Mexico: Tec de Monterrey Egade Business School, Spain: EOI; Taiwan; National Taiwan University

 17:35 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] Another master programs which is also in cooperation with the network of IPBS: master in International Management. Details available on the website:
 17:33 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] GMAT or TAGE-mage (French GMAT) is required
 17:37 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] the application deadline for MBA and MSc in Finance and Commercial Banking: July 2010

 17:37 [Snitko] Dear Hsin-mei! Could you tell about TAGE-mage to our participants? Does it differ from traditionall GMAT?
 17:38 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] TAGE-MAGE is a French GMAT. All the test questions are written in French. It is better take GMAT for int`l students
 17:38 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] Tage-Mage is even much tough than GMAT
 17:39 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] We provide on campus accommodation available for Int`l students. It is based on first comes; first serves

 17:41 [Steland] What companies are main recruiters of RMS? Which industries do RMS alumni work in?
 17:41 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] We stay in close contact with French/ international enterprises. At RMS, the practical ex and training are very much focus as well as personal development courses
 17:42 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] any questions

 17:44 [gridofilla] could you name the exact names of the companies
 17:44 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] HP, AccelorMittal, PWC, Moet & Chandon, PSA, Peugeot, Citroen, EDF.
 17:45 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] of course, some banking, accounting, consulting management companies.
 17:45 [gridofilla] thank you
 17:45 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] our alumni are working in various industries covering consulting, finance, auditing, industrial
 17:46 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] the job fields are very much depend on which fields that you are working in or you would like to work in the future
 17:47 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] the career development project are very important for MBA and master studies
 17:49 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] this is the reason why we are Reims Management School because we would like to cultivate the social elites

17:47 [gridofilla] do you have internship opportunities with MBA and MSc programs?
 17:55 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] internship is an optional. Students can go directly into the job market if he/she already finds out the job
 17:56 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] we encourages int`l students to take the internship and this internship can be took place not only in France but also in the other part of the world

 17:47 [Andrew] I`m wondering about leisure..)) - what do you think is the greatest thing about the school with respect to spending free time?
 17:49 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] Leisure: here has a lot of students associations. If you can manage your study and personal life, you can attend as many students associations as you want

 17:51 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] 15 French Business schools are listed among the top 50 in Europe
 17:53 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] luxury field: champagne
 17:54 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] RMS is located in the heart of Champagne region. With this advantage: we offer some electives in wine management, wine marketing, consumer behavior.
 17:54 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] In MBA concentration: a luxury field is included since 2010
 17:56 [Andrew] I do not know much, but I am looking forward to absorbing not only academic part of the program but also a cultural and historical one.
 17:58 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] about the luxury concentration offered by MBA: 5 internships are guarantee by Kempinski hotel for the students who select hotel hospitality management course

 17:57 [Snitko] I have one question.
 17:59 [Snitko] Could you emphasize main advantages of studying in RMS?
 18:01 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] reputation and quality education, complete int`l students service, close business network, and personal development
 18:01 [Snitko] Thank you

 18:02 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] I leave my contact details:; phone:+33 3 26 77 47 58. Please feel free to contact me there is any inquiries.
 18:03 [Hsin-mei TURMEL] Thank you to join RMS on line chat. I appreciated the questions that you have raised and the chance to exchange the information with you

 18:04 [Snitko] Thank you Hsin, for your time and answers!
 18:05 [Snitko] Thank you everybody for joining our chat!
 18:05 [Snitko] Hope it was usefull for you! Have a good evening!

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