MBA Strategy arrow Эссе arrow Как написать эссе для МВА. Урок 21. Лидерские качества.

Как написать эссе для МВА. Урок 21. Лидерские качества.

Если Вам зададут вопрос в эссе: «Опишите ситуацию, в которой Вы использовали свои лидерские качества.», что вы напишите? Как показать приемной комиссии, что вы по-настоящему являетесь лидером, который может взять в свои руки критическую ситуацию, и эффективно работать? В данной статье приведены несколько советов как написать подобное эссе.

Этот вопрос похож на вопрос эссе о достижениях. Вы можете воспользоваться похожими тактиками. Выберете ситуацию, которая для Вас очень важна, а не ту, которая возможно заинтересует комиссию. Не ограничивайте себя ситуациями только из профессиональной жизни, особенно если бизнес школа просит описать несколько примеров.

Кстати подобный вопрос эссе очень сильно соприкасается с вопросом об этической дилемме, который также часто задается как тема для сочинения. Почему? Просто, потому что этические дилеммы часто требуют от человека лидерских качеств, для того чтобы их решить. Помните об этом, если бизнес школа задаст оба эти вопроса. С другой стороны, будьте осторожны, и не рассказывайте о ситуациях, которые могут вызвать сомнения и вопросы. Тема этических дилемм достаточно тяжелая для написания, в отличие от вопроса о лидерских качествах.

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Wharton WEMBA
Describe the most significant way, either in or out of your job, in which you have demonstrated leadership.

One of the most unique times I remember leading was also one of the most unexpected. It was not planned that I led this group, nor did anyone expect that the group needed leading. It was a Sunday morning when I was 18 years old. It was sometime in December, although I don?t remember the exact date. I was still in college and my mother and a few friends from the entertainment industry had gotten together and decided to gather some donated items (clothes, toys, even cigarettes and dog food) to give to the less fortunate people in the downtown Los Angeles area. She asked me to help and I said sure, thinking it a worthy cause.
People donated much more than we expected. And when the day came to give out the goods, we ended up with enough stuff to fill a very large moving truck. So off we went ? me, my mother and 10 others, on our way to help out the homeless. At about 7:00 a.m. or so, we arrived at our destination ? an empty street corner in the lower section of downtown LA. There were a few people sleeping in boxes scattered around the area but by in large, it was empty. We opened the back of the truck and started approaching the people sleeping in boxes scattered around the street, asking them if we could help them a little with some of our donations. It began slowly with people walking up to the back of the truck asking for something. Within 30 minutes, there must have been 100 or more people in a crowd around the back of the truck ? homeless people clamoring in almost a violent mob, pushing and shoving, yelling, fighting for the clothes or cigarettes, jumping in the truck and overwhelming all of us.
At some point I saw an old man get pushed to the ground by a teenager who grabbed something off the truck. We had no control and what started out as a good spirited mission, turned into a hateful morning. It was at that moment, when everything was going out of control, that I made a decision. I didn?t think about it, it just happened. I grabbed a couple of the big guys from our group, closed the back of the truck, got our group together and left. We left the angry mob without accomplishing anything. No goodwill, no help, no good feelings- nothing.
I remember felling desensitized by their disrespect for what we were doing. I was thinking to myself, ?How could they? They don?t deserve our kindness.? I was determined to drive the truck to the dump and get rid of everything we had. I wasn?t going to help them if they couldn?t behave like civilized people.
I don?t remember what happened next, maybe someone said something in our group, but I suddenly realized that I was being selfish. These people didn?t have anything. Many of the homeless people that I had just seen had been on a street for years. Who was I to impose my ideas on them or to judge them? We came to help and we should carry out our mission. I had the team pull over and we got out and talked. I talked about how we were here to help and how we had to try to feel what they were feeling. We had a long and heated discussion and finally came up with and answer. We parked the truck along a side street and put a few items in each team member?s car. Then each car went around and stopped whenever they saw someone on the street that could use a hand, offered something from the back of the car and went on. When they were done they came back to the truck and reloaded. No large truck in sight, no angry mob, no old man getting trampled, no one afraid that they would not get their share. We went about doing this the entire day and by the time sunset came, most of the items had been given away.
It took me many years to understand that I became a leader that day and that my leadership changed the outcome of what would have otherwise been a very sad situation. I didn?t plan to be the leader. My leadership came from my basic instincts and the fact that I was willing to look at things form a different perspective. Leadership has always been a difficult trait for me to categorize. It seems that some individuals lead by doing what they think is right and having others to follow, while others focus on leading a group simply for leadership sake. I have always been able to lead when I sense a true need and others seem to always follow. The lesson I learned that day took me many years to understand, but looking back across time I real9ize it was one of the first and most important times that I stepped outside myself to lead and make a difference.

Источник: материалы MBA Strategy (?Essays that will get you into Business School? Barron?s second edition)

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