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Analysis of an Issue: пример ответа на задание

В первом задании - Analysis of an Issue - предъявляется отрывок текста, в котором излагается тема для обсуждения. Ваша задача - принять одну из точек зрения и аргументировать ее, снабжая свои утверждения соответствующими доводами и иллюстрациями.


In any large business organization, teamwork is the ultimate key to the organization's success.


In your view, how accurate is the foregoing statement? Use reasons and/or examples from your experience, observation, and/or reading to explain your viewpoint.


Whether a particular business ultimately succeeds or fails depends on a variety of factors. In my view, while teamwork is almost always important, in most instances other factors are more pivotal to a firm's success.

The main reason for my view is simply that it accords with observation and common sense. For example, in many instances it is clearly the policy decisions of key executives that determine whether a firm ultimately succeeds. Notable cases include the turnaround success of Coca-Cola after Roberto Goizueta assumed the position of CEO and, in contrast, the Apple Computer debacle following the departure of its founding visionary Steve Jobs. Also, consider industries such as financial services, where product differentiation is difficult. It seems to me that a creative marketing ploy or the tenacity of a sales force would the key factor here. Finally, in manufacturing and mining the value of raw materials or capital equipment are surely more significant than the cooperative efforts of employees or, for that matter, any other asset.

Another reason for my view is that technical knowledge and competence would seem to be more fundamental to most jobs. Specifically, without adequate knowledge of the systems, procedures, and vocabulary used in one's department or division, an employee cannot communicate effectively with peers or contribute meaningfully to organizational goals. Admittedly, nearly all jobs in an organization require some cooperative interaction with coworkers, even jobs performed in relative isolation and those calling for a high level of technical knowledge or ability. For instance, researchers, scientists, and computer programmers must agree on specifications and coordinate efforts to meet timelines. However, some substantive knowledge is necessary to perform virtually any job, whereas the ability to work effectively with others is merely helpful.

In sum, I agree that teamwork is an important ingredient for organizational success. However, it is generally not the most important one. On balance, some other factor - such as leadership, ambition, tangible assets, or especially technical knowledge - usually plays a more pivotal role.

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