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Путь к успешной сдаче TOEFL. Шаг 10. Идиомы 2

Продолжая тему об идиомах, мы расширяем словарный запас. После второй части у Вас возникнет меньше проблем с аудированием, а после третьей.. Впрочем, не будем забегать вперед. 

keep in touch with—to stay in communication with:
Please keep in touch with us after you move to France.

kill off—to put to death:
The use of that pesticide will kill off ants as well as fleas.

lay aside—to give up or set aside:
The mayor warned the students to lay aside their angry feelings toward the rival school on the day of the big soccer game.
Jan laid aside some money for just such an emergency.

lay off —to terminate someone's employment:
The Brindley Corporation had to lay off ten percent of its employees due to decreased sales.

lay up—sick in bed or out of the action:    
Mr. Rodriquez was laid up for several weeks with a terrible flu.

leave out—to omit:
"Don't leave out Aunt Mary from the wedding invitations!"

leave up to— to allow to decide:
Til leave your punishment up to you to decide," Principal Skinner told the kids.

live up to— to fulfill:
We expect that Jim will live up to our plans to become the first' member of the family to attend college.

live down—to bear the embarrassment:
Hell never live down the shame of forgetting all his lines in the class play.

move on—to go in another direction:
"It's time for you to move on," Susan told her friend, who wanted to quit her job as an editor.

off limits to —restricted:
That area is off limits to cars, due to efforts in our community to cut down on pollution.

on the mark—exactly right:
"Boy, were you on the mark about Irene—you were the only one who thought that she'd play so well in that concert."

overkill —excess:
You really didn't need to prepare fifteen pages for that report—it really was overkill.

over with—finished:
I was so relieved to be over with the TOEFL after six months of study.

pass by—to overlook:
Marie was upset that the committee passed her by and chose a different finalist.

pass through—to go through:
To get to New England by car from that town, it is necessary to pass through New York.

pass up—to refuse:
We couldn't believe that Jose would pass up an opportunity to travel all around the country for free.

pour in—to arrive in a large amount:
Cards and letters came pouring in to offer help and money after the news report about that young girl's need for an operation.

pull out—to take out:
The United States pulled its last troops out of Vietnam in 1973, although soldiers had been leaving for years.     .

pull off—to do something in spite of problems:
Jake could hardly believe that Amanda could pull off that deal after she'd made such a big mistake.

pushover—someone who is easily taken advantage of:
That Mrs. Jones is a real pushover—she always lets you hand in papers late if you ask.

put down—to insult; to suppress:
I can't believe the way John puts down his mother when she's standing right there.
The leaders put down a rebellion in their country by appeasing the different groups.

put up with—to allow or go along with:
Mr. Smith doesn't put up with any troublemakers in his class—they are immediately punished.

run by—to tell someone about:
Maria asked her accountant to run those figures by her one more time before she signed the contract.

send back—to return:
President Bush vetoed the bill and sent it back to Congress for changing.

 Небольшое упражнение. Найдите соответствующее значение идиомы.

1. pushover                                     a to refuse                        
2. pull off                                        b to overlook
3. pass up                                       c to bear an embarrassment
4. pass by                                       d to do in spite of problems
5. over with                                     e to terminate someone’s employment
6. off limits                                      f to stay in communication with
7. live down                                     g restricted
8. laid up                                         h someone easily taken advantage of
9. lay off                                         i sick in bed
10.keep in touch with                       j finished

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