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Business Case “Start of full-time MBA in DUKE”


DUKE launches full-time MBA program.


To attract future applicants from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan who meet established requirements to enter the class



Promotion resulted in economic benefits, while some participants became students of DUKE



Dear MBA25

Thank you very much for organizing the MBA-Fair in Moscow. It was one of the best MBA fairs, with high quality of candidates and strong list of schools represented. The organization was remarkable – reception, stands, plenary session, and especially the IT infrastructure.

I trust this even was extremely beneficial for all participants! 

Wishing you success in your future undertakings.

Georgy Babilashvily

MBA25 was organized very professionally, indeed an event where top schools and high quality candidates gathered in one place. 


Some of these people I could very well see studying at HBS in 1-2 years. 

Ivan Kalinin
Harvard Business School Class of 2009

Dear MBA Strategy,


Thank you for an opportunity to represent Stanford GSB at MBA25 event in Kiev.

I really enjoyed having open and friendly conversations with talented people who came to meet the representatives of top-rated business schools. 


I believe that such events will extend the boarders of high-level business education and increase the quality of doing business in CIS.

Denis Tafintsev
Stanford University Graduate School of Business Class of 2010

Many thanks to you and your team too for having me & HKUST both at MBA25, and for brilliant arrangement of the event.


Indeed, I myself noticed considerable interest in Asian schools this time - as I had to answer numerous questions about our school in front of so many people for all 3 hrs.

Alexey Astafev
MBA Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - School of Business and Management Class of 2011

I took part in one of the events organized by MBA strategy as an alum of NYU Stern.
I was amazed by the level of organization and detailed preparation. All the aspects were carefully though through and taken care of.
All I had to do is to show up and speak about my school to applicants.
I think they are doing a great job of laying down the infrastructure which helps many talented candidates to get accepted to top world business schools.

Alex Zaretsky, Class of 2009
New York University - Leonard N. Stern School of Business

I would like to extend my gratitude to your team for professionally organizing a recent MBA25 Fair in Moscow. The event was well though through from concept to realization and went virtually seamlessly.

I appreciate your effort in selecting a great pool of aspiring MBA candidates - it was a great chance to network and get to know many like-minded young professionals. I enjoyed participating in the panel discussion on pre- and post-MBA career, where audience was very engaged and asked well-prepared questions. Hope sharing my experiences was helpful for the participants and I would be happy to participate in similar events in the future.

Andrey Galiuk, Class of 2010
University of Chicago Booth School of Business

 Let me thank you for the high-quality MBA event. 

We think the MBA25 fair raised the bar for similar Russian and Ukrainian MBA-events and brought its own vision regarding how such fairs should be organized.
What we liked most was the quality and quantity of proactive candidates looking for top-notch MBA programs and who are interested in professional development. We believe you will find similar demand in other CIS countries, where a lot of talented professionals are ready to build an international career.
We are looking forward to participating in the MBA25 fair in the future and will be glad to represent Wharton again.


Andrei Protasov
Wharton Business School

I was impressed with the overall success of both fairs held by MBA Strategy in Russia and Ukraine.
They were able to attract top schools, which resulted in an amazing number of participants. I would also like to add that as the organizers MBA Strategy did a good job pre-educating visitors about the difference of the programs and schools participating.

This event will not only become "a must" on our schedule for the market of Russia and Ukraine. It also helps to strengthen the competition on the above mentioned markets and improve quality of the service providers. Everyone benefits at the end!

Irina Polovneva, Country Representative
IE Business School

On behalf of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business I would like to thank MBA25 team for very well?organized events in Moscow and in Kiev.
I had a pleasure of participating in both events, and the caliber of the candidates I met was very high.
I found that event attendees were prepared with good questions about MBA in general and The Duke MBA programs in particular.
The mix of formats was very interesting, and we consider participating in MBA25 events in the future, because it is one of the best ways to meet large groups of qualified prospective students.

Daria Zarubina, Regional Director, Russia and CIS
Duke University, The Fuqua School of Business

I would like to thank you for inviting us to MBA25 Event on September 27th at Marriott Grand hotel in Moscow.
Everything was well-organized and prepared. The setup and your stuff were very professional. Particularly, I found the set-up of open discussions and separate seminars on career and admission progress beneficial to participants and speakers. 
I was favorably impressed with strong interest in Yale School of Management from your Moscow candidates. It was too bad we could not participate in your Kiev Event.
We would be glad to participate in your future events.

Thank you,

Irina Vekselberg, Yale Club of Russia

As an alumnus of London Business School I would like to thank the team of MBA Strategy for organising MBA25 event. This MBA fair attracted hundreds of perspective MBA candidates with the perfect opportunity to meet some of the world top business schools. It was a brilliant opportunity to position LBS as the pre-eminent global business school. It was my honour to present the benefits and global impact of LBS to more than 50 prospective students over face-to-face conversations. Many of them discovered new opportunities and programmes at LBS and intended to apply to LBS. In general, MBA25 created an unparalleled opportunity for MBA candidates to make informed education choices.

Alex Garmash, LBS HR Director, Executive Board Member of VAB Bank

Thanks so much for allowing us to participate and for all your time and attention spent making it possible. You and your team are great.
I had a wonderful experience. I knew that the candidates would be good quality from seeing their information you had on the website. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of career focus, knowledge of the MBA, and quality of English speaking skills. I also really appreciated the website. It was very helpful to be able to have some knowledge of the attendees before speaking with them.  My only regret is that I couldn’t be there in person. I will highly recommend participation in the fall to my team and to the joint schools.

Andrea Chomistek, Associate Director of Admissions
University of Michigan - Ross School of Business

MBA Strategy’s one-to-one format enabled me to truly understand the individual candidates’ profile and motivation for MBA study, and to be able to advise them on our offering accordingly.  It allowed for strong connections to be made, and for the applicants’ questions to be answered in greater depth.  The candidates were generally well prepared and had already done a reasonable amount of MBA research.

The events were well-run by the dedicated and hard-working MBA Strategy team.

James Barker, MBA Admissions Co-ordinator
Cambridge Judge Business School

I would like to acknowledge the great effort that MBA Strategy put into the successful event.

I was highly impressed by the quality and diversity of the prospective candidates and of their previous knowledge of ESADE. It was a highly productive and intensive interview day that we look forward to repeat soon in Moscow and Kiev.

We hope that our candidates had the same experience we had.

Aleix Pratdepadua, Associate Director of Admissions
The ESADE MBA & Executive Masters Unit

Dear Vladimir, Valeriia & Oksana,
On behalf of the MBA Marketing Team, I would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work in organising Saturday’s MBA25 Event! We were extremely happy with the attendance and the on-site logistics and catering were perfect! It was nice to finally meet you and I look forward to tomorrow’s event.

Many thanks,
Andrew & Isabelle

Andrew BUENO, Assistant Director of Marketing - MBA Programme

Vladimir, once again, thanks for organizing today's MBA-25.

Attendees were smart, constructive, and motivated - we all enjoyed the evening and felt that it was worthwhile. If you need any reference, feel free to come back to us.

Dmitry Kulish
Wharton Business School

Support from your staff on site was superb. They were all very helpful and supportive. The roundtable format worked well for me. I found the possibility to talk to a small group of people very useful. The strict timing was appreciated; it was great to see that the schedule was kept. The majority of attendees were well prepared and asked specific questions, no general ones.

The location was great, I appreciated the hotel and its business meeting facilities. The food provided during our break was very nice, too.

We are looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Simone Kuhn, MBA Marketing Officer
IMD Business School

It was a very good event. I enjoyed it a lot. The setting with just 10+ schools in a hall, mostly very top schools, is your competitive advantage! The round table arrangement is effective too. The quality of candidates was pretty good too. Hope some of them will turn into applicants!

I particularly like the networking ‘late lunch’ arrangement. It’s wonderful to have a chance to get to know staff from other schools informally. This is unexpected.

Thanks a lot for the great effort spent for such a successful event!

Sherring NG, Head, Marketing and Admissions, MBA Programs
HKUST Business School

Hi Anna,
Thanks again for everything. I was very happy with the turnout and the quality of candidates so I would like to thank MBA strategy for their support. We had such amazing attendance numbers. Well done. The only negative feedback was that we weren’t aware that you would have your own registration (the extra 30) of which we only found out about a couple days before. Luckily the venue had space and I was able to change the food numbers slightly at the last minute but sometimes this isn’t do-able! So for next time either let us know more in advance or just have everyone register on our website.

Melissa Jones, Assistant Director of Marketing, MBA Programme

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