MBA Strategy

MBA эссе студентов бизнес-школ. Украина, Россия, Казахстан, Беларусь и т.д.

  1. capacity for leadership (cambridge).doc
  2. chicago-celebritiesshoes (chicago).doc
  3. chicagomascot (chicago).doc
  4. defind leadership experience (harvard).doc
  5. ethicaldilema(wharton).doc
  6. how columbia will help you (columbia).doc
  7. ideal occupation (chicago exectuve).doc
  8. imd (full 5 essays).doc
  9. leadership in time of crisis (tuck).doc
  10. participation in civic activity (lbs).doc
  11. personal history and background (duke).doc
  12. strangth&weaknesses (harvard).doc
  13. what matters most to you (stanford).doc
  14. why mba (chicago executive).doc
  15. why mba(duke).doc
  16. work experience_duke.doc
  17. your three substantial accomplishments (harvard).doc

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